Screenshot of MineSweeper

Classic board game, simple and brilliant. I wanted to write this game in JavaScript with jQuery as an excercise after having worked a lot with UI design and photo retouch, I felt I needed to brush up my development capabilities.

I still have some features in Hardcore mode that I would like to add, like keyboard shortcuts and a manual "I'm Done" button to really squeeze the players brain. That's something I'll look into as soon as I can.

How to play

The rules in Minesweeper are simple:

  • Uncover a mine, and the game ends.
  • Uncover an empty square, and you keep playing.
  • Uncover a number, and it tells you how many mines lay hidden in the eight surrounding squares—information you use to deduce which nearby squares are safe to click.

Feature list

Some of the features of the game, in addition to some obvious game features.

  • Choose the dimensions of your board
  • Choose difficulty (percentage of hidden mines)
  • Manually start game
  • Choose to give up
  • Friendly feedback messages
  • Reveal mine field when game-over
  • Flag/Unflag area
  • Choose Hardcore mode
  • Hardcore mode: Timer
  • Hardcore mode: May max take x ms between sweeps (stress element)
  • Hardcore mode: Stress indicator