1. Miphe 6 deployed, a Nesta app

    It's long been on my wish-list to work on a [Nesta-CMS]( "Nesta CMS official website") project but somehow there's always been something in the way. Well finally it's happening and I'm excited. Read about my choices and why Nesta may be a suitable as a CMS for developers.
  2. Heypoker a rb -fork

    The Heypoker brand was acquired by Redbet in 2011. The idea was to transition the existing customer base into a new Heypoker-branded site, forked from the Redbet platform due to it's stability and extensive features.
  3. The Redbet i-gaming platform

    There are many i-gaming sites out there but none quite like this one. Redbet ( is a Ruby project built on the slim MVC framework Ramaze which I and the rest of the Redbet technology team started up in 2008.