Domestic Bumblebees

Screenshot of the Domestic Bumblebees

The Domestic Bumblebees is a fifties style Blues/rock’n’roll trio from Stockholm, Sweden, well known for their explosive, collar-soaking shows and diabolic instrument skills.

This site was a small project[1] with many different new (at the time) development methods including some Flash and Sifr but more importantly the CMS used here is the quaint and nifty PHP framework TextPattern.

Up until becoming a Ruby fan, TextPattern was my obvious choice for any small/medium-sized project. When working with the system you really feel like you know what's going on and how to achieve what you're after, it has a short learning period which was attractive to me at the moment.

Today when I'm starting up small projects I'm always considering TextPattern as a possible CSM choice.

[1] This site has not been in my care for many years.