Heypoker a rb -fork

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The Heypoker brand was acquired by Redbet in 2011. The idea was to transition the existing customer base into a new Heypoker-branded site, forked from the Redbet platform due to it's stability and extensive feature support. A project like this had already been done earlier with Whitebet's limited website, gaining tremendous potential being able to offer everything that was already available on Redbet.com.

Heypoker was already a mature brand by the time it was acquired and had a structure and some features that Redbet at the time was missing, which made this project quite extensive - we didn't want to confuse the existing customer-base, and certainly not make it appear as if some features that used to be there were now gone.

With the theming, feature development and customization of structure done by 3-4 months, the database migration and web platform change happened smoothly and the brand has been in active development alongside the two remaining brands running on this platform since.

Something that I and the front-end team had some fun with was the contrast switch of this theme - the platform now needed support for bright-on-dark content as well as dark-on-bright content. It was an exciting challenge and gave us room for many graphical performance enhancements.